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What do we I do here? Design games.
What type of games?
Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell.

Preorders for the Embrace are now open.

cover for Embrace
Starting today, October 20, you can preorder a new adventure for Shadow, Sword & Spell.

Embrace is a voyage into the heart of a evil plot. Something strange is happening, and long held beliefs are being perverted to fit another’s evil ways. How the characters accomplish their task, and handle the looming crisis, is another matter all together…

If you preorder today you get all three ebooks (PDF, ePub and Kindle) delivered to you free of charge.

To preorder a copy, visit the Rogue Games Store.

Lovecraft Is Here

cover for Lovecraft
The wait is over.

The stars are right.

Lovecraft is ready for preorder. As always if you order today you get not only the PDF, but the Kindle and ePub version automatically.

Visit the Rogue Games Online Store today!

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eBook Guarantee

When the Rogues started Rogue Games, our goal was was simple: make our games affordable. We strive to keep our prices low. In addition, we want you to play our games, and we feel that we should not get in your way when doing that.
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