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Lost Tales, a Colonial Gothic Fiction Collection

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There are many tales dealing with colonial america. Some are whispered in shaking voices in fear of bringing doom to the teller. Some are published in books cherished by those lucky to possess a copy. Then there are some that have been forgotten and thought to be lost to the ravages of time. Here you will find lost tales dealing with the world of Colonial Gothic.

Written by award winning author Jennifer Brozek (Caller Unknown, Never Let Die and Keystones), these short stories are a collection of growing doom, mysteries being rediscovered and a sinking into the darkness lurking in the shadows.

What are these lost tales?

From the Branch is Cast the Seed you learn that maybe the gift of living a long life is actually a curse.

She Stretched Forth her Tentacles Across the Eons you discover the price when an ancient evil is summoned.

Curios Words you are privacy to a correspondence dealing with a missing person, and the strange events surrounding this.

Safe House shows you that is is the unseen threats is what you should worry more about.

Where Loyal Ties Lie you discover what a person would do in order to join a secret society.

Finally, joining these tales is the first printing of The Ross-Allen Letters, a collaboration between Brozek and Dylan Birtolo, which was only available electronically.

Are you ready to discovery the lost tales?

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Powered by 12°

Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell are powered by the same rule system. All you need to play are two 12-sided dice. Once you know the rules, you can easily play both games.

One Rule

The basic rule of any game using 12° is this: It is your game. If there is something you do not like; change it.

What's Next?

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One Mechanic

Every action, regardless of whether your character is firing a musket, or intimidating a merchant, is handled the same way: roll the two d12s (2d12), and if the result is equal to or less than the given Target Number (or TN), the action succeeds. Simple as that!

The Target Number is a number based on relevant abilities and skills, plus or minus any modifiers. For example, if your character wants to throw a tomahawk, and has a Nimble Ability of 6 and Throw skill 8, your TN is 14. Thus, rolling 2d12 and getting a result of 14 or less is a success, while rolling higher 15 or higher is a failure.