In which I plug. Or, another Kickstarter to back

This is a brief post and I make it to plug a Kickstarter.

Bruce Whitacre, who wrote Colonial Gothic: French & Indian War as well as The Defeated Dead, has a Kickstarter campaign underway. The campaign is for a game he has designed titled Coffin and Tombstones. In short the game is:

Coffins and Tombstones is the first in a series that Fearlight Games is going to produce. Powered by the Spectrum System, a ruleset that uses d6’s to determine the outcome of a character’s action; these are a set of miniatures skirmish games that are not tied to a specific set of miniatures, scale, genre, or setting. It does not use target numbers, but instead allows both players to make die rolls and then compare their numbers of successes.

I have always loved the Old West, and the game, from all the information on the Kickstarter page, and the website, looks to be in the sweet spot of rule complexity.

Anyway, if you want to back the project, here is the direct link:

I just backed it myself.
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