Monthly Rogue Games Chat on Google+

I mentioned a few weeks ago on my Twitter feed (as well as my Facebook and G+ page) that I was thinking about doing a monthly Rogue Games chat using the Hangout feature on G+.

This is now a go.

The third Tuesday of every month is Rogue Games Chat. It will start at 7 PM CST, and last for at least 30 minutes. Every month this chat will take place, and if you cannot make it, the chat will be recorded and you can watch it at your leisure.

My plan is to have a topic every month, but this first chat is the shake down cruise if you will. This will be a little looser and have no topic, unless you want one.

Every month the chat will bring you up to date on what is going on, and it is a place to share ideas.

So mark your calendar, for:

November 20 @ 7:00 PM on Google+ Hangout.
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