New Year New Projects

Things have been a little slow once I got Colonial Gothic 2E done and out the door. Two years of my life were taken up with that, art school, and freelance projects. With the book done and out, and the holiday season upon us, I decided to relax and recharge. I needed it.

So now that the new year is here, I am back at work on a number of projects, and 2013 is shaping up to be a busy year for Rogue Games.

Two stand alone adventures are being worked on. One by me, and one by another author. I plan on publishing them as saddle stitch chap books. The PDF adventures I have done, are good, but I think they will do better as printed releases. Since I do the buy the book get the PDF for free, you will still have the PDF, but I think it is time to print the adventures. They are perfect for retail, and I can design them so they work for the page format I’ve embraced.

Also being worked on is Part Three of Flames of Freedom. The adventure is “written” but no where close to being done. By “written” I mean is is written in long hand and I need to type it up and make it work. I’ve run the adventure from the hand written draft, and it is time to get this done.

There is another Locations book due out this year, and Jennifer is working on it now. I am really happy how the first one went over, and we are going to outdo ourselves with the new on.

Graeme and I are also working on a special Colonial Gothic book, and this one I will keep very close to the vest.

Shadow, Sword & Spell has not seen much love by me, and for that, I am sorry. I have at least three stand alone adventures I am working on and these are in various stages of completion.

Companion is being written, revised, play tested, and will be out this year. This is a very long time in coming, and the wait will be worth it. Once I get Companion done, I will work on City.

Finally I have been kicking around ideas for a revisit to a game that is different. I am thinking of doing it as a Kickstarter, but I am not even close to moving forward, let alone talk about. If I do this project, I need to leave myself time. If I undertake it as a Kickstarter, I plan on making sure that game is ready to go, so that when the campaign starts, the wait will not be long. Basically, I want to avoid many of the pratfalls that have taken place with other Kickstarters. If I solicit it, then the game should be 90% there. I am still thinking about this. I am a long way off on any decision, but I bring it up, just so you know what I am thinking about.

Oh, and I almost forgot, I want to redo the website. This is something that will take place soon. The website needs to be better, and there is a lot of info here that needs to be better organized.

So there you go. Thoughts, as always, are welcomed.
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