Counting down

So it has been about a month since I lasted posted. Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy.


12/12/12 @12:12:12.

It is in final layout now. The editing is done, and Tom Cadorette (who is editing the work) has been looking over the PDF as each version is done. This has been, and will be, the best editing job we have had. It has been a joy to work with Tom, and I know we are looking forward to working on other projects together.

The playtesting has been finished for about a month, and this has been the most rewarding playtesting experience I have had. The feedback, suggestions, and critiques have made this a very strong “thing.”

In all, this project has been two year’s in the making, and at many times, I thought it would never reach this far. Part of the reason I announced this a year ago was so I could not get cold feet and not carry through. This was good thing, because every time I thought about saying, “I’m done. Not. Gonna. Do. It.” I pressed in.

Anyway, we are just about a week away, and I cannot wait till you know what I have been working on.
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