You have been ambushed
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Have an itching for some historical horror set during the time of the American Revolution? Or, does walking the dusty road seeking your glory in a humanistic pulp fantasy setting more your speed?

Well you have come to the right place!

Welcome to Rogue Games. We live by a simple motto: Games of good they sneak up on you.
Shadow, Sword & Spell Magic d-Infinity Award Winner
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Rogue Games is happy beyond belief that Shadow, Sword & Spell Magic has won the 2016 d-Infinty Independent Game Awards for Best Supplement.

Rouge Games would like to thank everyone who voted for us.
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Colonial Gothic: Lovecraft has been nominated for a 2016 ENnie. The category we have been nominated in is Best Monster/Adversary.

Voting has now opened. If you liked the book then go out an vote.

You can vote here:
Colonial Gothic Gamemaster In stores this August
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The time has come to answer the call and choose a side.
Gamemasters, your time is here. Contained within this book is information you need to make Colonial Gothic your own.

The topics found within will help you bring the colonial period of America to life. In addition you will be treated to a host of rule options, new features, and other items that allow you and your players to tailor the game to suit your needs.

There is more than just rules found here. Within this book lurks many secrets that some might be too afraid to discover.

For more information visit the
Colonial Gothic Gamemaster page.

Powered by 12°

Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell are powered by the same rule system. All you need to play are two 12-sided dice. Once you know the rules, you can easily play both games.

One Rule

The basic rule of any game using 12° is this: It is your game. If there is something you do not like; change it.

What's Next?

Interested in historical occult horror? Try Colonial Gothic. Is humanistic pulp fantasy your thing? Try Shadow, Sword & Spell.

One Mechanic

Every action, regardless of whether your character is firing a musket, or intimidating a merchant, is handled the same way: roll the two d12s (2d12), and if the result is equal to or less than the given Target Number (or TN), the action succeeds. Simple as that!

The Target Number is a number based on relevant abilities and skills, plus or minus any modifiers. For example, if your character wants to throw a tomahawk, and has a Nimble Ability of 6 and Throw skill 8, your TN is 14. Thus, rolling 2d12 and getting a result of 14 or less is a success, while rolling higher 15 or higher is a failure.
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