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The Story

There was a small boy who created his first board game using Lincoln Logs and action figures. His friends liked it and soon he went to work creating more. It was then the small boy decided that somehow, or someway, he would create games for as long as he lived.


As the little boy grew, he found himself trapped in a dungeon with a dragon. Finding a path, he followed it out of the dungeon and still follows it to this day. He has designed many games and won a few awards, but the one he is proudest of is FLAMES OF FREEDOM.

Richard Iorio: The Real Story

Born in Connecticut, Richard has lived in such far-flung and exotic locales as Pocatello, Idaho, and Mauston, Wisconsin.

Richard was once a librarian and has come a long way from the days when he was the librarian for Harley-Davidson. He spent the first part of his career as a law librarian and worked for two Chicago law firms, where he learned a lot about law and law firm culture. This drove him to the halls of academia. It was academia that drove him out of the profession, and he now works as a graphic designer, game designer, and writer.

Currently living in Chicago, Illinois with his wife, 2 little monsters, and a library of books. When not writing in the third-person Richard loves to cook, ride his bike, read, study, and play games.

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