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nce upon a time, there was Fairyland. It is a world found everywhere, and at the same time, nowhere. It is a world that you remember from your childhood, one you can still visit. When you were young, it was in your backyard or maybe even your bedroom, where you pretended you were a brave knight fighting a dragon, a courageous princess determined to rescue your royal parents from the evil witch, or even a young apprentice taking their first steps on the road of magic.


And now, as then, you can still visit it in your dreams, walking the fields of endless possibility and gazing the landscapes of your limitless imagination.

Fairyland is a game of grand and fantastical ideas inspired by books and tales like The Adventures of Peter Pan, Alice in Wonderland, and the Blue Book of Fairy Tales (along with the Red, Green, Yellow, Grey Books, and so on). The works of Hans Christian Andersen, the Brothers Grimm, and L. Frank Baum are key inspirations as well, And of course, the countless folk and fairy tales that sprung into existence from the hearts and minds of the very first storytellers who sat beside a campfire or hearth, gazing into the flames, and began their tales with “Once upon a time…”

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SKU RGG 2501

Price $39.99/$9.99 (pdf)

102 page 8x8 full color hardcover



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