Colonial Gothic: New France

RGG 1801 $21.99 (Print) /$7.99 (eBook)
174 pages 6x9 b&w softcover

Plymouth, Massachusetts; Elizabethtown, Maryland; Savannah, Georgia; Charlotte Haven, Florida. Four towns that appear to have nothing in common. Four towns with secrets.

Award-winning author Jennifer Brozek takes you beneath the surface of four communities across Colonial America: the people, the societies, the secrets, and the things that were better left undiscovered.

Described in loving detail, each location is provided with a wealth of adventure seeds and campaign starts. Whether your Heroes are just visiting or decide to make a town their base of operations, you will find plenty here to provoke, challenge, and threaten them. There are wrongs to right, conspiracies to thwart, and monsters to slay. There are friends to help and foes to defeat. There are mystery, intrigue, and danger in plenty.

Just look beneath the surface.

This book contains revised and re-edited versions of Rogue Games' acclaimed Plymouthand Elizabethtown e-books -- in print for the first time -- plus two all-new locations: Savannah, the bustling capital of the young Georgia Colony, and Charlotte Haven, a small Florida town where a long Spanish heritage sits uneasily beneath the veneer of British rule.

Praise for Plymouth and Elizabethtown:
4 1/2 stars - DriveThruRPG
"A definite must-have -- 9/10" -- Roleplayers' Chronicle

Four towns, many secrets.



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