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Iä! Shub-Niggurath! The Black Goat Of The Woods With A Thousand Young.

His work has inspired many. 

From writers ranging from Stephen King, Robert Bloch and Ramsey Campbell; to electronic games, movies, comic books and tabletop games. So important is this influence he is known simply by one name.


Now it can be told. A history so secret that knowledge of it threatens the very fabric of the Colonies.

Hidden in the depths of Colonial Gothic, Lovecraft’s influence lurks in the shadows only to flee when it is seen. Now Lovecraft’s influence is given its due.

Colonial Gothic: Lovecraft is your guide to introducing the concepts of Lovecraft’s writing to the world of Colonial Gothic. From location, to blasphemous works, to creature whose existence is impossible to comprehend; everything you need to bring a touch of Lovecraft to your game is found here.

Beware: Learning these secrets might leave you changed. The authors and artist take no responsibility for the state of your sanity after you learn these secrets.

Written by Graeme Davis and Richard Iorio and featuring art by Tony Ackland, Colonial Gothic: Lovecraft is your guide to the hidden terrors and secrets of Colonial Gothic.

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Colonial Gothic: Lovecraft

RGG 1699 $24.99 (print) / $6.99 (eBook)

8x8 b&w softcover, 150 pages*

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