Update on the Colonial Gothic French Translation

Though things have been a bit quiet on the French Translation of Colonial Gothic work haver been taking place. I have read and commented every chapter sent my way, and the things I have seen make me very happy. Today I have something to share with you. That something? What the cover will look like. Looks good, doesn't it?

Rogue Games Updates

Been a busy month. Here is a rundown of what has been going on here. Colonial Gothic 3E: Back from editing and layout begins this week. A lot of work has gone into this game, and I feel it has made it all the better. Settings: Manuscript is done, and the solicit will be finished this week. I will have more on this either at the end of the week or next week. This project is on target. Flames of Freedom: Beginnings: Manuscript is finished and all I need to do is update it for 3rd Edition. Once that is done it goes to my critic circle for them to pull apart, question, and point out problem areas. In the mean time cover creation is soon to be finished as well as solicit information. Flames of Fr

So things are now spiffy

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the website has seen a major overhaul. Why, you ask? It was time. Next year sees the 10th Anniversary of Rogue Games, and it was time to rethink a lot of things that have gone on behind the scenes. One of these things is the look and professionalism of the website. Other things going on deal with better organization, much tighter control on the production schedule, and a concerted effort to find writers to help me grow both games. So here we are, the first step on the path to Rogue Games next 10 years!