Two things of note

Hello, miss me? No? Ok, I will go away. Alright, all of that silliness is over let's talk about a few things. Colonial Gothic 3E The layout is done. The book is ready. It has been looked over so many times, all of my proofreaders and private group of critics have told me they are done. A big part of what filled my time since May 2016 is now over. It is sort of fitting that I would be done nearly on the last day of the year. Right now you are able to pre-order the Kindle version of the game at The iTunes version is coming along, but that one takes some time. When does the PDF preorder go live? Soon. After all January 1 is only 2 days away. Rogue Games Dispatch So, this will come a

Text Boxes

Colonial Gothic is 99% done. Right now I am going through the final pass, and once finished, the book is done. All it will need is the cover. Going through the book I made sure there were text boxes to help explain certain rules, give a peek at the design process, as well as present options. I have one such box that is my personal favorite. Here it is. Dead is Dead 0 Vitality equals the Grave, food for the worms. For Gamemasters who want to increase the risk combat represents, as well as emulate “real life,” this option is for you. When a character is reduced to Vitality 0 they are dead. Period. R.I.P. Why this option? Well, maybe you should have thought twice about fighting a bear using onl

Colonial Gothic 3E State of Affairs

For those following me on the various social media outlets have no doubt been treated food porn from my annual Christmas cookie baking. You would be right to think this has distracted me from the real work of getting Colonial Gothic 3E out the door. Sadly you would be wrong. As of yesterday all the indexing and cross referencing has been finished. I might have missed a few things, but they will be caught before the book is released. Besides the indexing and cross referencing, the layout is done. All art is locked in place and the tables are locked as well. What is left to be done is typography adjustment. This takes the longest amount of time because it sees me going through the book line-by

Colonial Gothic 3rd Edition

Last Tuesday (11/30) I began laying CG3E (cool trendy short hand of the title). Work has been progressing nicely, and this is due to being a book designer by trade. More importantly it is due to my love of this game. Colonial Gothic has been a major part of my life, and has been with me longer than I have been with my wife (20 years this September). From the time it was a simple home brewed game I ran for friends; to the version living in the public for close to 10 years; Colonial Gothic is a part of me. The game has had its ups and downs, and when I look at what came before, I am struck by a single thought: It survived. It is no secret that the first edition of the game was, well, bad. It l

Colonial Gothic: Settings

Coming March 2017 Rogue Games brings to you six towns with many secrets. Plymouth, Massachusetts; Elizabethtown, Maryland; Savannah, Georgia; Charlotte Haven, Florida, Popham, Massachusetts; Roanoke Island. Six towns that appear to have nothing in common. Six towns with secrets. Award-winning author Jennifer Brozek (Caller Unknown, Never Let Me Die, and Keystones) takes you beneath the surface of six communities across Colonial America: the people, the societies, the secrets, and the things that were better left undiscovered. Described in loving detail, each location is provided with a wealth of adventure seeds and campaign starts. Whether your Heroes are just visiting or decide to make a to