Colonial Gothic: The Puckle Gun

The Colonial Gothic Player’s Companion you will find many new weapons and combat rules, but here’s something I decided to keep back for a more detailed treatment. The Puckle Gun was a revolutionary design, capable of three times the fire rate of a conventional musket. However, it was never adopted by the British Army and history regards it as a failure. This need not be the case in a Colonial Gothic campaign. This article covers the history and design of this unusual weapon, and presents expanded rules and game stats for four versions. History English inventor, lawyer, and writer James Puckle patented his “Defence Gun” in 1718. A tripod-mounted, heavy musket, its main purpose was to defend

Colonial Gothic Third Edition Print Edition Now In Print

What more needs to be said when it says it all in the subject line? Ok, seriously, after what seems like an eternity, you are now able to buy a print version of Colonial Gothic Third Edition in the Rogue Games Online Store. As is always the case, if you buy the print version of the book you will get the PDF for free. To buy the book, you can visit the following link: Once again I want to thank you for your continued support of this game. It has been a fantastic 10 years, and this release marks the start of the next 10 years.

It exists

I just got the proof of Colonial Gothic 3E. Take a look. Here is what happens next. I am going to spend today going through the book with a fine tooth comb. I am going to look for any problems that only appear after you have a physical copy of the book. Once that is done, I will approve the book. All goes well, you will be able to buy it tomorrow via Additionally, the book is at Studio2 and has been submitted for printing. Once it goes through that process the book will go into distribution. I know it seems like it took forever, but the process goes at the pace it goes. Despite my best efforts to force it to go faster. :)

The Guardians of Attakosh

As her feet nearly slid out from underneath her racing around the corner, a grim fate stood before her. The alleyway was blocked by another patrol. With the large book in her hands, the gold foil of its corners and the symbol of their faith clearly visible on the cover, the guards whipped out their swords and held them at the ready, tips pointed straight at the thief. Having lost those precious couple seconds pondering her options, the thief now found herself surrounded at the edge of the public square. Merchants and shoppers alike moved back and began to whisper about her possible crimes and the fate that would definitely befall her. She knew this as well and was prepared. From within a poc

Santa Maria de Ochuse

Before Jamestown, before St. Augustine, there was a small Spanish settlement slated to be called Santa María de Ochuse. With every intention of establishing the first permanent European settlement in the New World, Don Tristán de Luna y Arellano (hereby referred to as Luna) assembled a fleet of eleven ships carrying over a million pounds of food, 240 horses, and a crew of 1,500 (which included settlers, sailors, and Aztec warriors recruited from Mexico). With hope in his eyes Luna was going to establish Santa María de Ochuse with everything a town needs – plaza, warehouse, church, and private residences. His goal was seemingly obtainable, but Providence is fickle. She enjoys doing things Her

Status on the print version of CG3E

I want to take a few seconds to bring you up-to-date on the state of Colonial Gothic 3E. As of last week, the PDF has been updated to take into account errors missed, when getting the book ready for release. There were not many errors, but they were there, and I did not want to go to print with them in the book. For far too long this has been the case with the earlier books, and I vowed I would not do this again. Due to this, the print version was pushed back a bit so that the most correct version is printed. The book was uploaded to Drivethrurpg last week Wednesday, and on Friday it was ready to go. I ordered a proof so that I could make sure everything was what it should be. It takes betwe

A new Alchemical Art for Shadow, Sword & Spell: Doppleganger

Created in the mystery shrouded Ku'KKu this art is rumored to have been the creation of the alchemist Khando Kyidtodpa. Many whisper Khando is in fact the earthy avatar of Cthulhu, however those who ask the great alchemist if this is true never seem to be seen again. This art is used to transcend death, and live on in a new vessel. This art is often seen as a last resort for some, but successfully pulling it off, the alchemist can live on, even though their body is not one of flesh and blood. In addition, it is not uncommon for the alchemist to work this art for others, so that they are able to transcend death. Certain rulers, sorcerers and people of great influence have been known to pay al

Colonial Gothic Adventure Hooks: Middle Colonies

New York There is a lot of adventuring possibilities in New York. With the various Indians living along the frontier, especially the Haudenosaunee, Gamemasters wishing to run campaigns revolving around dealing with this group, have much to work with. One possibility is to have a few of the lesser tribes, who are the remnants of the Haudenosaunee former enemies, rise up and attack both the colonists and Haudenosaunee. If something of this is a little too combat heavy for your taste, you can try a more subtle approach of negotiations, discovery and conflict. Both sides are wrong, and neither is innocent. Supernatural elements are very easy to work in, and there are many areas of New York are r

An Adventure Generator for Shadow, Sword & Spell

Being a Gamemaster is hard work. There are many things you must do to ensure that your campaign stays fresh. Perhaps the most time consuming task you have is coming up with adventures to challenge your players. What happens if you are pressed for time and need help coming up with an adventure? That is where the following comes in handy. Using these tables, are able to quickly come up with a rough adventure outline, which you can then fill in the details as you go. To make things easier on you, as well as to make the generator easier to use, I have placed them in a PDF for you to download and use. You can download it here.

The new and improved Rogue Games' Dispatch

Starting today this blog is going to see increase activity. How? With new weekly content for you to use for both Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell. Every week you will see new articles posted for your enjoyment. My goal is a simple one: I want to make Rogue Dispatches an indispensable aid for you. If you are not sure about trying either Colonial Gothic or Shadow, Sword & Spell it is my hope that the weekly content tantalizes you enough that you will want to try one of the games. Already today, the first of this content is posted. There is also a lot more in the cue and you will see it every week. From short stories, too adventure hooks, and other bits, my goal is to make this somethi

A New Skill for Colonial Gothic: Hypnotism

Hypnotism (Will) From alleged mystics, to persons of great charisma, there are some skilled in the ways of using their voice to charm and beguile a person. In order to hypnotize a person, a character must devote all their attention on the person they wish to hypnotize. To do this requires them to spend one full round, and all their actions to put a person in the correct frame of mind. During this round the character must use a swinging bauble, as well as a soothing chant to put the targeted individual into a trance. The character must make a Hypnotism Test while the target can resist with a Successful Will test. A character who is successful in hypnotizing a person is able to give them one c

New Year brings a New Outlook

With 2017 here Rouge Games is now 10 years old. In that time there has been a lot of changes this company (as well as myself) has been through. Colonial Gothic has grown and developed into a game far surpassing my expectations. The fact that next week sees the release of Third Edition not only surprises me, but pleases me. Numerous releases have seen the game cover topics I thought no one would be interested in. It is due to this that the game is about to cover topics I only dreamed about makes me happy. Third Edition has given me energy to look at things differently and make adjustments. Shadow, Sword & Spell is turning into the game I thought it always should be. With Second Edition I fin