Colonial Gothic: Settings Now In Print

With today being March 31, let's end this month on a good note. As of today, you are able to get a copy of the new Colonial Gothic release in print. If you cannot wait till it makes its' way to your nearby game store, you can get it direct from the Rogue Games Online Store, today. Have a great weekend.

Available Now: Colonial Gothic: Settings

Rogue Games is pleases to announce that Colonial Gothic: Settings is ready for purchase. Six towns, many secrets. Plymouth, Massachusetts; Elizabethtown, Maryland; Savannah, Georgia; Charlotte Haven, Florida, Popham, Massachusetts; Roanoke Island. Six towns that appear to have nothing in common. Award-winning author Jennifer Brozek (Caller Unknown, Never Let Me Die, and Keystones) takes you beneath the surface of six communities across Colonial America: the people, the societies, the secrets, and the things that were better left undiscovered. Described in loving detail, each location is provided with a wealth of adventure seeds and campaign starts. Whether your Heroes are just visiting or de

One week out

Work on Colonial Gothic: Settings is reaching the finishing line. The book is laid out, and the files are ready for upload for printing. The PDF for download for purchases is almost done (I need to finish bookmarking it). The Kindle version is almost done as well; it just needs a little more testing. I also need to update the website to account for the new title, and remove the listings for what Settings is replacing. As to when this book will be ready to order? The PDF should be up for sale at Drivethrurpg/RPGNow on Tuesday, and the print version about a week later. The book will go up on e23 and the other sites, once it makes it through their process. The print files will be going to Stuid

Update 2 of 2: Shadow, Sword & Spell

After the Kickstarter for Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E failed to fund in November 2016 I decided to push forward with the new edition anyway. The work was done, and it was silly to not release the game for Rogue Games' 10 Year Anniversary. Since then I have been working on the manuscript and I am about two weeks of having the manuscript done and off to Tom for editing. The cover art is done, maps are being worked on, and some art is being ordered. Once the manuscript is ready, and in its' final form it goes into layout. When does it hit the shelves? GenCon50. Once GenCon50 is done, it will be in your local stores. I will talk more about the game later, but I will say this about it: I think this

Update, Part 1 of 2

I am not dead, though it felt like I was. Things have been silent here for a couple of weeks and that is due to the fact I've been ill. February I fought a case of walking pneumonia as well as a bad sinus infection (it was this that turned into pneumonia). During my recovery articles were posted, but then I ran out. It happens. February was a month where I got little done. I had enough strength for about 2 hours of work a day, but to be frank, even that was pushing it. In any case, I am back among the living. Today I want to talk about Colonial Gothic. Here is the rundown. Colonial Gothic 3rd Edition is at Studio2 and it should be going out now. Colonial Gothic: Settings is in the final layo