Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E

You might think the prospects of SS&S 2E were slim. Right? You could not be more wrong! Currently, the manuscript is in the hands of the very talented Tom Cadorette, whose digital red pen slides across the digital page, bringing sense to the whole thing. The overall design of the book is set, so that once the manuscript is in my hands, and all issues are addressed, I can begin layout. For those who pledged on the failed Kickstarter last October, you were able to see a very early draft. That draft has been hacked apart and the game you saw then, is now tighter. Sections have been dropped (they will appear in other areas), and the entire Rulebook is more focused. If the Fates allow, it will be

The French Version of Colonial Gothic

As many of you know Colonial Gothic signed an agreement with a French publisher so that they can create a French version of the game. They began the process with a crowdsourcing campaign, and at its' close it was apparent that excitement is building for the game we have grown to love. In the weeks to come I will be posting more information on this as well as an interview with Batronoban who is spearheading the entire operation. Speaking of which I asked Batronoban to write a little bit about the project, and he was happy to do so. I have known about Colonial Gothic since the first edition. I remember being captivated by its title written on the burned flag… and the idea of secret societies f