Flames of Freedom: Beginnings Available for Sale

Available today in both print and electronic form comes Flames of Freedom: Beginnings. While the world watches and both sides draw up the plans of war, others lurk in the shadows, prowling forgotten tunnels, and heroes battle. An ancient enemy sows seeds of strife, and a much larger battle is about to begin. While Colonists cry for freedom and Loyalists struggle to reconcile with England, dark enemies gnaw and plague the unsuspecting. ​ From the start of the American Revolution in Boston to the heart of the young nation's budding government, the journey you are about to undertake lays bare the secrets haunting the shadows. Where this journey takes you is unknown. First, you need to survive i

GenCon 2017 Events

With GenCon 2017 fast approaching I thought I would share with you the events Rogue Games has scheduled. Colonial Gothic: The Case of the Palmer House For as long as many can remember, something has been wrong at the abandoned Palmer House. Are you brave enough to get to the heart of this? August 18, 2019 -- 9:00 AM August 19, 2019 -- 1:00 PM Colonial Gothic: The Strange Case of the Library Burning In 1761 Harvard's library burned to the ground. Though many agree it was an accident, the truth is far more sinister. Are you up to the challenge of discovering why the library was burned down? August 17, 2017 -- 9:00 AM August 18, 2017 -- 1:00 PM Shadow, Sword & Spell: Into the Shadowed Depths S

And so it begins

As of 6:30 AM, the text that is Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E has been placed in the InDesign document that will create the new edition for the game. It has been a long road for this game. A very long road. The book has seen me through hardships, as well as help me deal with death. A lot of death. Still, it feels great that I have reached this point in the process. It means that I get to do my favorite part of any project: the layout. Next to the manuscript, the layout design has taken a lot of my time. While Tom Cadorette went to work editing the manuscript (and he has done an amazing job helping me make this book so much better) I spent the past month on creating the book's look. 100 sketches o

The Other One

She didn’t know what to do and often never did. The night creatures stirred: crickets chirped, owls hooted, and possums and raccoons held dominion over trash heaps and chicken coops. She was scared, fear gripping her like a living thing with icy fingers of terror. What she was about to do was wrong. She knew it to her very marrow, but she had no other choice. The Other One had given her instructions and she knew she must obey. The battlefield was open wide, empty but for the uncollected dead and the night-things that feasted upon them. The smell of death was overwhelming, but she knew she must continue. Corpses of strangers littered the land, the detritus of mankind’s never-ending fight agai

Announcing Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E

Your enemies are many. After overcoming dangers, making enemies, and killing your fair share of opponents, you stand ready to fight some more. Your sword arm is strong from the battles endured. Your nimbleness and brazenness have earned you the reputation as a master thief. The magics you command, and the lore you mastered, have given you an understanding of magic’s depth. You are a hero, an outlaw, even a thorn in the side of the powers that be. Your trials prepared you, and now, you are ready to inscribe your name upon the rolls of history. The world will feel your justice. Your enemies cower from your vengeance. Those in power have no choice but to cower from you. You will be king, and th