Where can I buy Rogue Games' games at GenCon 50?

With just under a month until the start of GenCon 50 it is time to plan your shopping lists. Though Rogue Games does not have a booth, our games are for sale at the convention. There are two booths that you can find all of our games. The first booth is Studio 2 Publishing booth 1929 & 2029. Studio 2 Publishing will have all of Rogue Games' books both old and new. If you have not gotten the 3rd Edition Rulebook, Settings, and Flames of Freedom: Beginnings you will find them here. Also for sale will be Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E will be for sale here as well. The second booth is Indie Press Revolution booth 2338. There will be a few of our books for sale, but the more important one is Shadow, Sw

Reaching the end

The past two weeks I will never forget. When I approached Allen with the idea for the Colonial Gothic Bundle of Holding (https://bundleofholding.com/presents/ColonialGothic) I could not predict the reaction. All I wanted was to raise money for a cause I strongly believe in. What I got in return is greater. I learned I was not alone. I have lived in my personal shadows, afraid to tell anyone of the daily mental battle I face. Yes, I talk openly about some topics, but I never talked about my battles with suicidal tendencies. I did this not out of shame, but out of the desire to protect myself. Mental health is taboo. It is the topic no one wishes to face, let alone acknowledge. Those who deal

1559: a time of discovery and exploration.

In the New World, an ancient power sleeps, awaiting the stars to align in order to rise again. ARE YOU READY It has been 500 years since the Old World last had contact with Norumbega. Is it a city of magic and gold, or of terror and death? The time has come, the stars have aligned, and a new cycle begins. THAT WHICH HAS SLEPT STIRS. Almost 50 years before the founding of Popham, and 30 years before Roanoke, the New World remains a vast place of mystery. No one knows what this land hides, or who—or what—waits in the shadows watching and hunting. There is a dark power that sleeps here, and its awakening will set great and terrible events in motion. What you learn there may be something you wis

Another hint...

What is the purpose of this image? Where will it be used? Find out on Monday, June 17 for the answer.

One week later...

A week ago the Colonial Gothic Bundle of Holding was launched. I want to thank those who have contributed in helping raise money for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Your donation will be used to help the AFSP continue their mission. During this past week, I have been overwhelmed by the number of emails, messages, and phone calls from those who want to reach out and talk. It does not matter if they are someone who has survived their own attempt, or who fights daily to not give in, or if they are a loved one who experienced a lost. They share their stories, their pain, and their relief to see they are not alone. It is the last feeling, relief, that has had a profound effect on

The reason for the Colonial Gothic Bundle of Holding

Since the launch of the bundle on July 3, I have been humbled by the outpouring of emails, messages, and in some cases phone calls. To those who have shared with me their personal stories, and as I have done so as well. A sense of relief has taken a hold of me, and this relief is centered on one thing: I am not alone. I've been asked why I choose to do this bundle. Why did I choose to do it the way I have. Why the entire Colonial Gothic line and not just a few titles. More importantly why this cause is important to me. I hope what follows will answer those, and many other unasked questions. There is no easy way to write this. Those who’ve read my posts dealing with my mental health know some

What does this portend?

Here we have a new piece done by James Olley. Those who are familiar with such titles as Embrace and The Stew should recognize his distinct style. What is this piece for you ask? Wait and see. You might find out next week. Strike that, you will find out next week.

The Colonial Gothic Bundle of Holding

Once again Rogue Games is taking part in the Bundle of Holding. This time the Bundle will be a little different. Let's start with what is not different. This Bundle gives you a chance to get the entire Colonial Gothic line for a very low price. For just US$8.95 you get all five titles in the Starter Collection (retail value $39) as DRM-free. PDF ebooks, including the complete Colonial Gothic Third Edition rulebook (retail price $10), three essential supplements (Gamemaster, Adventure, and The Player Companion, total retail $21), and the 174-page Beginnings adventure (retail $8) that kicks off the massive Flames of Freedom campaign that will encompass the entire American Revolution. And if yo