Now available for sale: The Journey to Norumbega

1559: a time of discovery and exploration. In the New World, an ancient power sleeps, awaiting the stars to align in order to rise again. Are you ready? It has been 500 years since the Old World last had contact with Norumbega. Is it a city of magic and gold, or of terror and death? The time has come, the stars have aligned, and a new cycle begins. That which sleeps now awakes... Almost 50 years before the founding of Popham, and 30 years before Roanoke, the New World remains a vast place of mystery. No one knows what this land hides, or who—or what—waits in the shadows watching and hunting. There is a dark power that sleeps here, and its awakening will set great and terrible events in motio

Looking for Gamemasters

Though GenCon is a year away, it is time to start planning for the convention. One of the first big things I need to tackle is event planning. I have had a lot of bad luck with this aspect of the convention. Gamemasters who have volunteered to run a session or two, do not show. Gamemasters who commit before the show, back out the day before because they do not have time. In the end, I do what I always do, step in and run the events. This is sometimes impossible due to other comments I have. This then leads to the mad scramble of finding someone else to take over. I am lucky to have friends that help, but the situation must change. You sign up for an event, you should play in the event, peri