The Atlas

The layout of the Colonial Gothic Atlas commenced yesterday. This is a book requiring time to get right. The reason for this is simple: there is a lot of information in it. Unlike the soon to be out of print Colonial Gothic Gazetteer and Colonial Gothic New France, The Atlas adds two huge regions new to Colonial Gothic's background. Besides the general coverage of the colonies, a lot of Colonial Gothic's background and secrets are sprinkled throughout the book. Do you want to know more about the Mandoag? They hide within this book. What about the events working behind the scenes in Flames of Freedom? Oh, yes, you will find it. What about some of Colonial Gothic's secret history sprin

Not getting lost

With work on the Atlas in the home stretch (i.e. layout is underway) it is time to share information about what you will find in the book. The original plan I had was writing about the book in some sense of order. By that I would write about the content, then move on to what is covered in each section, and then finishing with a few closing pieces. I thought the structured approach would be the best way to go. Then I saw the following. Man, I love this map. Strike that, all of the maps Gabriel Brouillard has done for the book. Gabriel is a name many of you should be familiar with. He wrote Colonial Gothic: New France and Under Pashuvanam's Lush. His maps are found in Settings, The Gazetteer (

So just how many?

How many what? Words that Colonial Gothic Atlas has. 84,498 give or take. I probably have a few more to add to it. Like? The little things. How's the book look, you ask? I love it. Once this is a physical object you will be very happy it took so long.

(March 14, 2018) | Batro’Games and Rogue Games, Inc partner to release a French Translation of Colon

A supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution, Colonial Gothic deals with a secret history taking place in the shadows. These events play a role in the history of the American colonies and the Revolution few know about. From the crowded streets of New York City to the deep country trails of Georgia, the shadows teem with enemies of conflicting agendas. “Since the release of Colonial Gothic in 2007 one of my goals has been sharing this game with as wide an audience as possible,” said Richard Iorio president of Rogue Games. “Now one goal has been achieved and I am excited about working with Batro’Games and Deadcrows on a truly French version o

Now you can hide behind a screen

After years of demands, I am happy to announce Colonial Gothic has a Gamemaster Screen. Every important table you need to run Colonial Gothic is found here. From Combat to Skill Tests now running your games are even easier. Also, now you have a good means of protecting yourself from incoming dice thrown by your players. This product comes with cardstock sheets that you can insert into the pockets of a four-panel customizable GM screen. Each sheet has landscape orientation, 11" wide by 8.5" tall. If you do not have the physical screen you can purchase one as well. To purchase your copy today visit the Rogue Games Online Store or click here. Price: $9.99 (inserts only) / $31.95 (for physical s

Dinner is served

Sometimes it is best not to ask what is for dinner… What mysteries lurk in the shadows? Hired by a wizard in search of his legacy, you will soon discover, that a sleepy town, is not all it appears to be. People are missing, mysteries abound, but at least the food is good. Originally designed for Shadow, Sword & Spell Rogue Games brings you a new version adapted especially for 5th Edition. Now you can experience it for yourself. The Stew, 5th Edition is a descent into cooking, legacy, and a strange cult. It is also an adventure that will leave you asking for a second helping! 36 pages, B&W softcover RGG 10101 Price: $11.99 (book)/$6.99 (PDF) To get your copy today visit the Rogue Game

News on Colonial Gothic 3E

It is with great pleasure that I state the following: Colonial Gothic 3E is updated, cleaned up, and ready. That's right, ready. Ready? The PDF has been updated and this means that both the softcover and hardcover versions are now up for sale. Additionally, the PDF has been updated as well. So what has changed? Not much. The book is still the same page count and even though I redesigned the stat blocks for both adversaries and creatures, the book looks exactly the same. What is different is that all errata has been addressed, the book has been re-edited, gone through another round of copy-editing, and has had a host of new readers go over it. Here is a list of the corrections