In the Works, Part 3

For two weeks I've written about the projects being worked on. I've discussed The Poor Wizard's Almanck and Flames of Freedom. This week I want to talk about Shadow, Sword & Spell. Currently, four projects exist in various stages of development. Two are adventures, and the other two are books. The adventures I will talk about next week due to the fact they are part of a much larger plan. Today I want to talk about the books. The first book is titled "Demonology" and deals with, surprisingly, demons. The book will be a small one, and the coverage will be focused on the summoning, binding, dispelling, and interactions with demons. To help ground and provide a framework for all of this the

In the Works, Part 2

Flames of Freedom is a project that has had a rough road. I think of everything I have done, Flames of Freedom suffers the most. One reason

Mark your calendar

July 2 to July 15 What is this? Something you will want to be ready for. Trust me.

Sneak peak.

Logo for 5E version of the adventure Embrace. Coming soon.