The French Edition of Colonial Gothic: Winner

Great news for all fans of Colonial Gothic. Colonial Gothic: A l’Est d’Eden is now an award winner. I am proud and happy for Barto Games and Le Studio Deadcrows for being recognized for all the hard work they have done. Congratulations!

Big things coming

This is a tease, but it will be something that schocks you.

Beidha is revealed May 2019

Beidha. A name invoking wonderment. It is a name fueling the imagination of storytellers. It is a place seducing all with desires of untold wealth. Covering most of this land is the thick jungle Pashuvanam or Jungle of Beasts. The jungle deserves its name. Fierce creatures plague all living within the jungle, and no one is safe when they emerge from the leafy depths. Over the last few centuries, most of the dangerous creatures have been driven away from major settlements. No matter how civilized the jungle appears, it is not the case. Stories of unspeakable horrors lurking in the jungle persist and so too does the danger. Under Pashuvanam’s Lush is your introduction to the land of