Character Creation Sample

With Fairyland due out August 1 I thought it would be good to give an example of character creation. Character creation is easy. It also allows you to create anything you want. How does this work, well check out the pages below.

Coming August 1st

If you will be at GenCon you can get a copy at the Studio2 booth (#1929 and 2029).

A Kickstarter

I co-host the podcast Grumpy Old Gamers with my friend jim pinto. So after six months of recording, we've discover we need help with the Grumpy Old Gamers podcast. So we've sold out. How? We're doing a Kickstarter. Depending how well we do the stretch goals will give you free PDFs. If we do really well were going to design a game. If that is not enough to entice you I do not know what else I can do. Well, I can tell you that if you want to know more go visit Grumpy Old Gamers: Sellouts. Thanks.

ENnies 2019 Favorite Publisher Nominations

Voting is open for the ENnies Favorite Publisher.Thouugh things have been a little quiet here, thay does not mean I have niot been busy. First, there is Fairyland due out August 1 (yes one month from today). Second, there is a little prtojecty I like to call Colonial Gothic Grim & Periolus. If you feel like tossing a vote my way, go for it. If not, no worries.