Flames of Freedom = Colonial Gothic

Colonial Gothic = Flames of Freedom. Flames of Freedom = Colonial Gothic. So, why the name change? When I created and released Colonial Gothic in 2007, the climate was vastly different. However, times have changed rapidly in the two years since the Colonial Gothic announcement. April of this year Rogue Games and Andrews McMeel had a meeting to discuss the game's name. The company was, and is, 100% behind the game, content and all. However, they felt that the game would not receive the attention it deserves due to the name Colonial Gothic. So I decided to change the name to Flames of Freedom. The name fit and is one everyone who has been with the game from the start knows. Though the name has

Actual play of Flames of Freedom

Tune in next Tuesday, October 6th at 9 pm CDT for a spooky Actual Play of FLAMES OF FREEDOM! Remember, you can download the free Quickstart by following the Kickstarter launch. Simply go to http://flames.zweihander.game to get Notified of launch + the free download.

How to play Flames of Freedom

Flames of Freedom is coming to Kickstarter on October 5th. We want to teach you how to play the game ahead of release! It takes only two minutes to learn. Head over to our lead developer's Twitter to learn to play.

Flames of Freedom Character Creation

For today's FLAMES OF FREEDOM breakdown, lead developer Daniel D. Fox takes a deep dive into how characters are created in the game and their interrelated mechanics. Head over to Twitter to learn more about Gideon King, one of the iconic characters included in the free Quickstart, releasing alongside the Kickstarter on October 5th! https://twitter.com/Zweihan.../status/1309142804879245312..

Flames of Freedom: How Combat Works

Want to know more about how combat plays out in FLAMES OF FREEDOM? It's different than standard Zweihander RPG combat for several good reasons. Check out this Twitter thread for a deep dive: https://twitter.com/ZweihanderRPG/status/

Flames of Freedom: What is Comming

FLAMES OF FREEDOM is coming to Kickstarter on October 5th, 2020. We will also be releasing a 61-page Quickstart – completely for free – during the Kickstarter so you can try before you back! The first half of the book will include the 10-page Preamble and 8 pages of how to use dice in FLAMES OF FREEDOM. Simple, succinct & understandable. 15 pages are dedicated to combat, so you can play this #ttrpg at your game table outside of the enclosed adventure. The back half of the book includes a 23-page supernatural mystery adventure called "The Sin Eater". It can be played 1 on 1 or w/ 7 players + 1 Historian (the GM). It establishes a beginning to the larger story in the rulebook. Finally, the Qui

Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous: Preview

With the countdown underway for the Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous, work behind the scenes continues. There are a lot of cool things in the works and when you see what is planned for the Kickstarter you will be shocked. Right now I want to share with you the first eleven pages of the book for free. Click the link below and you can see the approach we are taking with the game. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/326840/Flames-of-Freedom-Preamble--Powered-by-Zweihander-RPG As you no doubt notice this new edition is still the game we all have played since 2007. Though the rules are not 12° but powered by the Zweihander rules, yet a lot of what makes 12° special has carried over to this game

Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter is Live

Some announcement, huh? The Flames of Freedom Grim & Perilous Kickstarter is now revealed. I'll talk about the game in-depth later. Promise. I feel like reminiscing. Between 1979 and 1984 I lived in Boise, Idaho. I discovered Dungeons & Dragons there as well as my love of designing games. As a military kid, moving was always traumatic. I always arrived at a new place not knowing anyone. This time was different. I was lucky to find kids my own age living on the same street. Luckier still, we quickly became friends. Wadsworth Avenue, located in the suburbs, became the playground for a group of seven kids who hung out with each other every day for four years. Clayton was the first one I met and

The American Revolution and the beginnings of ending the slave trade

These three articles deal with slavery. Typically I wouldn't post them to the group due to them not offering a lot for actual game play. Yet, I like posting articles that deal with the period as a whole. Together this three-part series is interesting. They also are a good primer if you decide to dig deeper into this topic. The first efforts to limit the African Slave Trade arise in the American Revolution PART 1 OF 3, THE NEW ENGLAND COLONIES PART 2 OF 3, THE MIDDLE AND SOUTHERN COLONIES PART 3 OF 3, CONGRESS BANS THE AFRICAN SLAVE TRADE