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Colonial Gothic 3E State of Affairs

For those following me on the various social media outlets have no doubt been treated food porn from my annual Christmas cookie baking. You would be right to think this has distracted me from the real work of getting Colonial Gothic 3E out the door.

Sadly you would be wrong.

As of yesterday all the indexing and cross referencing has been finished. I might have missed a few things, but they will be caught before the book is released.

Besides the indexing and cross referencing, the layout is done. All art is locked in place and the tables are locked as well.

What is left to be done is typography adjustment. This takes the longest amount of time because it sees me going through the book line-by-line and word-by-word adjusting kerning, spacing, replacing fonts with the correct symbols (x's with real multiplication signs and the like) and in general making the book look good. If I do my job right, then you and the reader do not notice this work. If I do my job wrong, then you will know something is not right.

All of this work should be done by Friday. I will then send the PDF too my usual group of suspects for their perusal. I do this for a simple reason: I miss things.

When you work on a project for a long time, you become blind to common mistakes. You miss a misspelled word, a "see page XXX", a dropped word, or a multitude of things. You do this not because you are lazy or careless, but because after working on a project your mind plays tricks on you. Your intimacy with the text has your brain put in the missing word or misspelling, and you think, wrongly so, the project is perfect.

That is why fresh eyes help. It catches all of these little things.

The plan right now is to have the book to the printer by the end of the month. Since I utilize POD, the book will not take long to print, and it will be sent to Studio2 for distribution release. Preorders will go live around that same time as well.

The book is nearly done, and to be honest with you am I happy about this. I have looked at it so much, that I really look forward to a little time away from it.

However, the game is good. Real good. I really like the changes I have made, and I truly feel the game is better for it. I hope you will agree when you see it for yourself.



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