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Two things of note

Hello, miss me?


Ok, I will go away.

Alright, all of that silliness is over let's talk about a few things.

Colonial Gothic 3E

The layout is done. The book is ready. It has been looked over so many times, all of my proofreaders and private group of critics have told me they are done. A big part of what filled my time since May 2016 is now over. It is sort of fitting that I would be done nearly on the last day of the year.

Right now you are able to pre-order the Kindle version of the game at The iTunes version is coming along, but that one takes some time.

When does the PDF preorder go live? Soon. After all January 1 is only 2 days away.

Rogue Games Dispatch

So, this will come as no surprise to anyone, but the frequency of blog posts, stinks. I try to post regularly, but with all the work I have, it is just hard to devote a lot of time to writing on this blog.

That is about to change.

A few weeks ago I put a call out for writers, and the response I got was overwhelming. It was this act which created the Rogue Games Writers Group. This group is a place where all of these writer's share ideas, brainstorm, and I can tap to help me write the projects I have lined up.

This group also allows me to do something I have wanted to do since Rogue Games' first year: generate free content for the games.

Starting next week this new content will begin being posted to this blog. Once a week there will be new content for both Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell.

You read that right.

This content will take many forms:

  • New spells both Common and Arcane

  • New Witchcraft Rituals

  • New Alchemical Arts

  • New Relics

  • New Items of Magical Power

  • Secret Societies

  • General intrest articles

  • And the ever common More.

My goal of making this blog something you read throughout the week is now a reality.

Thank You

This is more than likely the last post I will write this year so I want to take a moment to thank you.

The past few years have been a hard one for me personally, and due to focusing on getting healthy, mentally, a lot of things have moved to the wayside for awhile. Rogue Games was one of those things.

It was this year that I finally was "normal" and I was finally able to focus on what I love: Rogue Games.

You make what I do possible. You buy the games. You play the games. You engage in the small community that has grown due to these games.

There is no way I can thank you enough for what you do for me.

Your patience with me while I get back to work is appreciated more than you will ever know.

2016 is about to end, and 2017 will soon be here. The fact that Rogue Games is going to be 10 years old on January 1 is due too things: the work I do and the enthusiasm you have for what I do.

Thank you.



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