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New Year brings a New Outlook

With 2017 here Rouge Games is now 10 years old. In that time there has been a lot of changes this company (as well as myself) has been through.

Colonial Gothic has grown and developed into a game far surpassing my expectations. The fact that next week sees the release of Third Edition not only surprises me, but pleases me. Numerous releases have seen the game cover topics I thought no one would be interested in. It is due to this that the game is about to cover topics I only dreamed about makes me happy. Third Edition has given me energy to look at things differently and make adjustments.

Shadow, Sword & Spell is turning into the game I thought it always should be. With Second Edition I finally see the game the way I envisioned it. I cannot wait to releases it in a few months. When it is finally in the open I will finally be able to get to work to making all my plans with it a reality.

This is a year of celebration and with this celebration comes new releases.

Some are reworking of old titles which are needed to bring them into compliance with new editions. Some have been long in the works and have finally been finished and ready for release. What comes after these titles are new ones that I am excited to share.

However not all changes are related to publishing. Some are found right here.

Next week this blog enters into a new stage.

What is it?

Weekly content for you to use for both Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell. Every week you will see new articles and the like here for your enjoyment. My desire is to make Dispatches (the name this blog has always had) be an indispensable aid for you. If you are not sure about trying either Colonial Gothic or Shadow, Sword & Spell it is my hope that the weekly content tantalizes you enough that you will want to try one of the games.

Besides the content -- and there is a lot already in the pipeline -- I am going to be better at communicating with you what is going on.

Welcome to 2017 and welcome to a revitalized Rogue Games. It is time to have some fun.



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