A New Skill for Colonial Gothic: Hypnotism

Hypnotism (Will)

From alleged mystics, to persons of great charisma, there are some skilled in the ways of using their voice to charm and beguile a person. In order to hypnotize a person, a character must devote all their attention on the person they wish to hypnotize. To do this requires them to spend one full round, and all their actions to put a person in the correct frame of mind. During this round the character must use a swinging bauble, as well as a soothing chant to put the targeted individual into a trance.

The character must make a Hypnotism Test while the target can resist with a Successful Will test. A character who is successful in hypnotizing a person is able to give them one command, and one command only. Trying to give more than, has the person wake up from the trance. A character successful resisting being hypnotized is not open to any suggestions and possibly think the entire endeavor was comical.

A character placed in a trance is subject to any suggestions or command the character wishes to place. In addition the character is able to be questioned and is compelled to answer these questions truthfully. Each suggestion, command, or question the character wishes to place, required a successful Hypnotism test. Refer to the following table for the Target Number for each specific action taken.

There is no set length of time a person is able to by hypnotized; the hypnotic state lasts until the character is brought out of it. Typically a person is hypnotized for one round so that the question is able to be asked or a suggestion placed within the person’s subconsciousness. For each additional round the hypnotist keeps the person in the hypnotized state they must make another Hypnotism test with an -1 cumulative for each additional round. Thus if the person is hypnotized for 4 rounds, the character suffers an -4 penalty to their hypnotism test.