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The new and improved Rogue Games' Dispatch

Starting today this blog is going to see increase activity.


With new weekly content for you to use for both Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell.

Every week you will see new articles posted for your enjoyment.

My goal is a simple one: I want to make Rogue Dispatches an indispensable aid for you. If you are not sure about trying either Colonial Gothic or Shadow, Sword & Spell it is my hope that the weekly content tantalizes you enough that you will want to try one of the games.

Already today, the first of this content is posted. There is also a lot more in the cue and you will see it every week. From short stories, too adventure hooks, and other bits, my goal is to make this something you will look forward too.

So there you have it yet another way I am working to make Rogue Games' next ten years better than the first ten years!



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