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A new Alchemical Art for Shadow, Sword & Spell: Doppleganger

Created in the mystery shrouded Ku'KKu this art is rumored to have been the creation of the alchemist Khando Kyidtodpa. Many whisper Khando is in fact the earthy avatar of Cthulhu, however those who ask the great alchemist if this is true never seem to be seen again.

This art is used to transcend death, and live on in a new vessel. This art is often seen as a last resort for some, but successfully pulling it off, the alchemist can live on, even though their body is not one of flesh and blood. In addition, it is not uncommon for the alchemist to work this art for others, so that they are able to transcend death. Certain rulers, sorcerers and people of great influence have been known to pay alchemists skilled in this art a hefty price.

To begin the process the alchemist must find a recently deceased body. This will then serve as a vessel for the alchemist.

To a cauldron, blood of the alchemist (or intended recipient) must be added, which must be half of the blood that pumps through their body (all but 1 point of the character’s Vitality). This blood must then be brought to a boil, and once boiling, a bloodstone necklace added to the mixture. This mixture must then be stirred until all the blood evaporates, and once gone, the necklace must immediately be placed around the neck of the cadaver, and the Alchemy Test made. Success has the art succeed, while Failure has the art not succeed and has the body explode in a 20 foot radius and causing 20 points of damage.

Once the blood stone is charged it most be dipped in blood of the alchemist once a month in order to remain fresh. When the Alchemist (or person the art was used for) dies, his spirit travels to the Bloodstone, and their spirit brings the body to life, and they live on in their new body. As long as the bloodstone stays around the neck of the body, the person lives on.

Many alchemists who know of this art craft multiple necklaces so that they always have a vessel ready to travel too in the case of death.



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