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Status on the print version of CG3E

I want to take a few seconds to bring you up-to-date on the state of Colonial Gothic 3E. As of last week, the PDF has been updated to take into account errors missed, when getting the book ready for release. There were not many errors, but they were there, and I did not want to go to print with them in the book. For far too long this has been the case with the earlier books, and I vowed I would not do this again.

Due to this, the print version was pushed back a bit so that the most correct version is printed.

The book was uploaded to Drivethrurpg last week Wednesday, and on Friday it was ready to go. I ordered a proof so that I could make sure everything was what it should be. It takes between 7 to 12 days for a proof to arrive, and once I get it, I will spend the day going through it. Once I know it is ready, the book will go on sale.

Do I wish this was not the case? Yes, but, I really wanted to make sure this book is a "perfect" as it can be.

I hope you find this delay worth the wait.



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