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Colonial Gothic Adventure Hooks: New England

Are you have trouble coming up with ideas for a Colonial Gothic adventure? Here are a collection of a few adventure hooks you can use for inspiration. These are grouped by the colonies found in New England.


Witches have played a large role in the colony’s history. Some argue that these witches were not real, and were victims of persecution. Some claim, and do so in hushed tones, the real witches were the ones behind the trials. They were removing those who knew the truth. Though the Mather’s are one of Massachusetts most prominent families, the Mather’s harbor a secret, one of their own was a witch, and he still lives working his evil plans.

Rhode Island

Though small, Rhode Island is not small on adventure. Blessed with a great port, Newport and well as Providence, are ideal places for smugglers, and pirates. It is along the wharves of Rhode Island that the Heroes can hear rumors of lost treasure, or discover a cult of slavers kidnapping innocent victims for use in dark sacrifices. More interesting the Heroes might hear rumors of the fabled lost treasure of Black Beard, which leads them to the Southern Colonies.

Besides the ocean going adventures, another possible adventure is one centering on the bitter feelings between Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Though the rebellion might be gripping the hearts and minds of the colonists, there are older families still bitter over the founding of Rhode Island. Though Williams, the Hutchinsons, and Blackstone came to the area in search of religious freedom, some know the real reason for their arrival, escaping the mad plans of a few Puritan families with ties to Satan. These ties still hold true today, and the families work in the background trying to influence events in Rhode Island.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is a colony of mystery, and this is due to its remoteness as well as tactless amounts of wilderness. This remotness allows Game Masters to stage many different types of adventures. Do you want to deal with the bitter feelings of the French who harbor desires to recapture not only Canada, but claim the land the colonies currently occupy? What about the supernatural and the occult? The forests and mountains hide many dark mysteries, mainly those who seek to work with darker forces and make pacts with even darker powers.


With the rebellion growing, Game Masters looking to interject some political plots into their campaigns, can do so in Connecticut. There are many who are moving against the British, and taking part in not only demonstrations, but acts of rebellion. Stealing supplies, spying on troops, and working to undermine the civil authority of the Parliament appointed officials offer GMs ample fodder. For those with a more supernatural bent, some of these agents might be occult in nature.

Another supernatural bent would be one that deals with the remaining Pequot who have retreated into the frontier and harbor resentment toward the English. Though the war has been over close to 100 years, the memories of the Pequot are longer still. Some have embraced darker spirits, and now work actively with these spirits to punish the English. with the rebellion taking everyone’s attention, the Pequot work in the shadows. What do they have in mind, and how badly do they want to avenge their lost?




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