Update, Part 1 of 2

March 7, 2017

I am not dead, though it felt like I was.


Things have been silent here for a couple of weeks and that is due to the fact I've been ill. February I fought a case of walking pneumonia as well as a bad sinus infection (it was this that turned into pneumonia). During my recovery articles were posted, but then I ran out. It happens.


February was a month where I got little done. I had enough strength for about 2 hours of work a day, but to be frank, even that was pushing it.


In any case, I am back among the living.


Today I want to talk about Colonial Gothic. Here is the rundown.

  1. Colonial Gothic 3rd Edition is at Studio2 and it should be going out now.

  2. Colonial Gothic: Settings is in the final layout stages. I had the layout done in January, and was going to have it tied up last month, but I got sick. 

  3. Flames of Freedom: Beginnings will go into layout once Settings is done and out the door.

  4. Flames of Freedom: Shadows Upon the Hudson is in a final manuscript I like, but it still needs some work. Right now the manuscript is 350+ pages (typed in Courier New 12 pt). I sent it to Tom for input and I am waiting to hear back from him. The adventure is done, but it needs a fresh pair of eyes to make sure I did not miss anything, hence Tom's help. The sourcebook material is done, save for a few things about New York City. My dream was to have this ready for GenCon this year, but it is not going to make. It is just too big. I have worked too damn hard on this manuscript to put out something, just to put out something. I rather do it right, then put out a bad book.

There are other things in various stages, but nothing solid yet to talk about. I know what is on-tap for next year, and when I get through the list of projects this year, I will write about those.


Thursday I will write about Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E. That will be at GenCon 50.


Questions, ask away.


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