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One week out

Work on Colonial Gothic: Settings is reaching the finishing line. The book is laid out, and the files are ready for upload for printing. The PDF for download for purchases is almost done (I need to finish bookmarking it). The Kindle version is almost done as well; it just needs a little more testing.

I also need to update the website to account for the new title, and remove the listings for what Settings is replacing.

As to when this book will be ready to order? The PDF should be up for sale at Drivethrurpg/RPGNow on Tuesday, and the print version about a week later. The book will go up on e23 and the other sites, once it makes it through their process. The print files will be going to Stuido2 for printing this weekend, and it will be in distribution a few weeks later.

What's next? I will write about that next week.



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