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The French Version of Colonial Gothic

As many of you know Colonial Gothic signed an agreement with a French publisher so that they can create a French version of the game. They began the process with a crowdsourcing campaign, and at its' close it was apparent that excitement is building for the game we have grown to love.

In the weeks to come I will be posting more information on this as well as an interview with Batronoban who is spearheading the entire operation. Speaking of which I asked Batronoban to write a little bit about the project, and he was happy to do so.

I have known about Colonial Gothic since the first edition. I remember being captivated by its title written on the burned flag… and the idea of secret societies fighting against werewolves and vampires, against Native American folk creatures, or even headless knights just before the American Revolution. It's an intense and very inspiring context. Action, conspiracy, horror and civil war: all the ingredients of a good game!

I had thought a lot about translating it into French before I sent my offer to Rogue Games. Finally, I decided to write a complementary version rather than a plain translation of the game. To better adapt the game to a French speaking audience, I had to do almost a year of supplementary research. And what could be more appealing for this game version than focusing in the New France?

Due to this research a few changes were made so that it could fit into a New France focused game. The first major change: use a real historic commercial organization - "la Compagnie des Cent Associés" - to easily write adventures and also to give the characters a clear purpose.

Another essential editorial choice for this French version: since French colonies were known for having multiple associations with various Native American tribes, I focused on the magic and beasts found in the mysterious tribal legends. And it works: players were frightened and puzzled by these legendary creatures during the playtests.

Both versions of the game (the French and the American) are totally compatible: they are complementary and each one offers a point of view over different subjects. The American version focuses in the tension of a Revolution to come, in the liberation of a people, whereas the "À l’Est d’Eden" is based on a Paradise Lost of a dream land and the fall of the New France.

Colonial Gothic "À l’Est d’Eden" will be on stores by the end of 2017, with the help of Rogue Games who have read and followed the project since its beginning. A big thank you goes to them!



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