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Flames of Freedom: Beginnings Available for Sale

Available today in both print and electronic form comes Flames of Freedom: Beginnings.

While the world watches and both sides draw up the plans of war, others lurk in the shadows, prowling forgotten tunnels, and heroes battle. An ancient enemy sows seeds of strife, and a much larger battle is about to begin. While Colonists cry for freedom and Loyalists struggle to reconcile with England, dark enemies gnaw and plague the unsuspecting.

From the start of the American Revolution in Boston to the heart of the young nation's budding government, the journey you are about to undertake lays bare the secrets haunting the shadows. Where this journey takes you is unknown. First, you need to survive it.

Flames of Freedom: Beginnings, is the first volume in an epic campaign for Colonial Gothic. In this book, you will find our guide to the great cities of Boston and Philadelphia, and a ready-to-play adventure which sets the stage for the entire Revolution.

To purchase a copy of the book or PDF today visit the Rogue Games Online Store.


Flames of Freedom: Beginnings

RGG 7001

ISBN 978-1-939299-50-5

$24.99 (Print)/$7.99 (PDF)

BW 6x9 Softcover Book, 200 pages




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