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The Colonial Gothic Bundle of Holding

Once again Rogue Games is taking part in the Bundle of Holding. This time the Bundle will be a little different.

Let's start with what is not different.

This Bundle gives you a chance to get the entire Colonial Gothic line for a very low price.

For just US$8.95 you get all five titles in the Starter Collection (retail value $39) as DRM-free. PDF ebooks, including the complete Colonial Gothic Third Edition rulebook (retail price $10), three essential supplements (Gamemaster, Adventure, and The Player Companion, total retail $21), and the 174-page Beginnings adventure (retail $8) that kicks off the massive Flames of Freedom campaign that will encompass the entire American Revolution.

And if you pay more than the threshold price of $17.95, you'll level up and also get our entire Bonus Collection with almost every book in the Colonial Gothic line -- eight more supplements worth an additional $55:

  • Three sourcebooks: The Grimoire (retail $6), Gazetteer (retail $7), and Bestiary (retail $7).

  • Three setting books: Settings (retail $8), New France (retail $7 -- previously presented in the August 2013 Bundle of the Ages), and The French & Indian War (retail $8).

  • Lovecraft (retail $7): Bring the Cthulhu Mythos onto the American frontier.

  • The Templars (retail $5 -- also from the August 2013 Ages offer): Colonial Gothic's secret history of history's most secretive bunch.

Buying early is the best way to get the bonus books. The threshold (average) price, does tend to rise during the offer's run, and you have to pay more than the current threshold to get the bonus books.

Between today July 3 and 10 PM EST Tuesday, July 19, you can take advantage. To make your purchase, or to read more at "The Colonial Gothic Bundle and AFSP":

Before you'd do. However, let me explain why this Bundle of Holding is different from others.

All money that this Bundle of Holding earned goes to one charity, and one charity only: The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

All of your payments (after payment gateway fees) will be donated to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. When I mean all, I mean all. The portion the Bundle of Holding donates to charity will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Everything that Rogue Games earns via this Bundle of Holding. Your purchase will go to a charity that is very important to myself, but to others as well.

The reason why the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention important to me is due to loss, specifically the loss of three friends. Besides this I deal with my own personal fight against my own suicidal tendencies as well.

Whatever you choose to donate, does not matter, what matters is that whatever you donate will go to the needed work that the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention does.



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