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The plans for Shadow, Sword & Spell

With GenCon50 in the books and Shadow, Sword & Spell 2E is released, I want to write about what is coming for the game during the next year, as well as in the future

In the past Shadow, Sword & Spell has not seen a lot of love. Colonial Gothic demands more attention, and more people want to see releases for it. Additionally, the time I need to spend writing Colonial Gothic material is huge. Research takes time. Reading said research takes time. Finding and reading original source material applicable to the topic covered is time-consuming as well. I am not complaining, the time and care I take during this process reflect in the finished product.

With Shadow, Sword & Spell I decided to do something different: write ahead of the curve. By that, I pushed myself to have new releases either in the can or close to being in the can. This has worked better than I thought, and right now I am sitting on one book in my final editing stage, another one almost is done being written, and a third going through a review before I send it to editing. Additionally, I have two books outlined, and I am about to outline the third within the next week.

All of the above means I have a plan in place for releases taking us from 2018 to early 2020.


So what do I have in mind? Read on.

February 2018: Stand alone adventure

This is going to be a revised version of the adventure that appeared in the first edition of SS&S Basic. This is being worked on now, and it will be fully in line with SS&S 2E.

May 2018: Shadow, Sword & Spell City

The much talked about supplement is seeing the end of the writing cycle. This book is probably one of my favorites right now. The book gives you a guide to creating cities that work within a human-center pulp fantasy game and offers a ton of tips and advice in creating your own. In addition, there will be a sample city to show how the system works, and this city is Gravina, The World's most important city.

I am excited about this book.

August/September 2018: [Title Redacted]

I know the title of this book, and I know what it is going to be. I just want to keep this one under wraps. The reason is that I want to surprise you when I announce it. The only thing I will tell you is that it will show you how flexible not only Shadow, Sword & Spell is, but 12 Degrees as well.

February 2019: Demonology

Outlined, ready to be written, needs a writer.

August 2019: The World

This is the companion volume to City. Like City, it is a how-to book, and this how-to covers creating not only fantasy worlds but campaigns. In addition to this, the book will provide you a guide to Shadow, Sword & Spell's sandbox setting The World. I've been working on this book for awhile, and so far, those who've seen portions of it, like it.

Future Ideas

Right now I have one thing on my mind and that is adventures, be it stand alone, or multi-part ones. I have two in rough draft form, but I want a few more. To do this I need to find writers to do it. I am getting help finding them right now.

I also need to create the outlines or briefs so these writers know what I want, and also gives them the freedom to get there.


So there we are the plan. This is what is scheduled, and this is what is being worked on. There is a lot here, and a lot of work needs to be done, but the end result is going to be worth it.

As is always the case, let me know if you have questions or comments about the above. I'm alway happy to answer them.



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