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French Edition of Colonial Gothic is now available

As many of you remember last year it was announced that Colonial Gothic was going to be translated into French. I am happy to announce it is out and ready for you to play.

Colonial Gothic: East of Eden is a horror role-playing game taking place in New France, the French colony of the eighteenth century in North America. We are in the year of grace 1754, under the rule of Louis XV. The War of Seven Years rages in Louisiana. Five years before the fall of Quebec ...

In the middle of the war against the English, the characters will be employed by the Compagnie des Cent Associés, financed by the Crown, officially dedicated to commerce, but in the shadows, focused on the struggle against the supernatural and the monsters haunting the New World.

Unlike the original version of Colonial Gothic, this French edition proposes to play in New France and not in the "American" colonies. Similarly, the monsters of the Amerindian legends have been put forward, while the classics of horror on the contrary are set back, as have the references to H. P. Lovecraft that have been suppressed. Conversely, many references to the forest and horrific universe of Millevaux, created by Thomas Munier, have been integrated.

The 130-page book in PDF format.

To say I am happy with the work Barto Games did with this version, would be an understatement.

Though the print version will not be ready until January, you can get a copy of the PDF by visiting today.



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