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October 13, 2017

Though GenCon is a year away, it is time to start planning for the convention. One of the first big things I need to tackle is event planning.


I have had a lot of bad luck with this aspect of the convention. Gamemasters who have volunteered to run a session or two, do not show.  Gamemasters who commit before the show, back out the day before because they do not have time.


In the end, I do what I always do, step in and run the events. This is sometimes impossible due to other comments I have. This then leads to the mad scramble of finding someone else to take over. 


I am lucky to have friends that help, but the situation must change. You sign up for an event, you should play in the event, period.


So this time I am doing something different: actively looking for Gamemasters and Events.


Here is what I need:

  • Volunteer Gamemasters to run Shadow, Sword & Spell or Colonial Gothic events. These will be written already and provide you with everything you need to run them. Each event is 4 hours in length.

  • Volunteer Gamemasters who want to run their own events.

This is your chance to help.


So what do you get helping Rogue Games at GenCon?

  • Rogue Games' product

  • Rogue Games' t-shirt

  • Gamemaster Badge provided by Rogue Games

  • A few more things I am still working out the details

So, there you go. The call has gone out. Will you answer?


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