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What is coming

So as you can see things have been quiet as of late with Rogue Games. Just because there has been silence, work has not been stopped.

So what is coming up? A few things.

First off Colonial Gothic 3E has been updated. Errors have been corrected, errata addressed, and in general, the book has been refreshed.

Currently, the revised file has been uploaded to the printer, and it has been sent to Studio2. The PDF has been updated as well. In addition due to to the numerous requests (and really there has been a lot), I have created a hardcover version that will be up for sale at Rogue Games' store front. This will be an option for those who prefer a hardcover version. Note, the softcover version is the version for sale in the direct market. It is the format I like -- creme paper and matte cover -- and I do not want to add confusion.

Once both books are ready for sale a new product will be ready for you. This is a product that has been asked, no, demanded, for as long as the game has been in stores.

The item?

A Gamemaster Screen.

The screen will be available for sale at the Rogue Games' store front and you will be able to buy either the inserts or the insterts with the physical screen.

And yes, before you ask, there will be a Shadow, Sword & Spell Gamemaster Screen. I will get that out the door once The Stew is finalized.



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