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And a proof is on the way

As mentioned yesterday, Colonial Gothic 3E has been cleaned up. I have ordered a proof of the softcover version and should have it soon. The files for the hardcover version are now being looked over and once it is ready for print I will get my proof.

If both proofs are 100% ready to go I will approve them and then the real fun begins.

First, everyone who has purchased or received a copy of the PDF will get a link via that will allow you to download a copy.

Secondly, those who purchased the Kindle version via will have their copy updated.

Thirdly, both the softcover and hardcover versions of the book will be ready for purchase on

Fourthly, Studio2 Publishing will fill distributor orders, as well as online store orders, with the new printing.

Lastly (whew), the Gamemaster Screen will be ready for you to purchase at

I know I say it many times but I always mean it. Thank you for your patience while I worked through a few issues on my end which slowed me down.



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