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An update to make you happy.

This is going to be good news and I do not wish to do my usual over the top introduction. So, I am going to get right too the point.

Both versions of Colonial Gothic 3E are at the printer and I should have proofs within the week.

What this means is that hopefully both the softcover and hardcover versions of the Rulebook will be up for sale.

When that happens, the Gamemaster Screen will be available for purchase.

Speaking of this, you will have two choices when it comes o the screen.

The first choice is to buy the physical screen which comes with the inserts you need. Take a look at the screen via this link. The nice thing about this screen is that once you buy it, you can use it for Shadow Sword & Spell as well.

Yes, you read that correctly, there will be a Shadow, Sword & Spell Gamemaster Screen, and all you need to do is purchase the inserts and you're ready to go.

Thus, one screen for all of your needs.

As for what is coming up, the 5th Edition version of The Stew is about to go on sale. Though I am releasing a 5th Edition version, that does not mean I plan on doing a lot more with 5E. The only other 5th Edition I have planned is a conversion of Embrace.

So why am I doing this? I wanted to give others a opportunity to play these two adventures. As many of you know, The Stew is perhaps one of my favorite adventures that I have written. I simply want to share it with others. The same is true for Embrace. So, what is coming for Shadow, Sword & Spell? Something I am keeping under wraps. The manuscript is reaching the end, and soon it will be in the hands of the editor. This supplement is going to surprise you.


Also on my docket are a few adventures for the game as well. These are in rough draft form and soon I will begin revising them.

So, there you are, everything that is coming up.

I guess this was not as short as I thought it would be.

As always if you have questions, ask away.



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