News on Colonial Gothic 3E

It is with great pleasure that I state the following: Colonial Gothic 3E is updated, cleaned up, and ready. That's right, ready. Ready? The PDF has been updated and this means that both the softcover and hardcover versions are now up for sale. Additionally, the PDF has been updated as well. So what has changed? Not much. The book is still the same page count and even though I redesigned the stat blocks for both adversaries and creatures, the book looks exactly the same. What is different is that all errata has been addressed, the book has been re-edited, gone through another round of copy-editing, and has had a host of new readers go over it. Here is a list of the corrections and changes:

  1. Holy Water does 12 Damage to Infernal, Outsider, and Undead.

  2. Cold Iron is usable against Otherworldly creatures, even if they are Insubstantial.

  3. Dodge and Defend have a set TN 18 when used in combat.

  4. Rounds are not 5 seconds, they are whatever you want them to be. This change goes back to the original view I have on Rounds and that is the length of time _you_ feel it should be. Rounds take into account all Actions that take place at one specific point of time in a Round.

  5. The Fear rules have been overhauled.

  6. The spell Warm is gone.

  7. The spell Bless now harms both Infernal and Otherworldly creatures.

  8. The spell Burn now allows you to make a flame flare to cause a small amount of Damage in a set area.

  9. Rate-of-Fire has been rewritten, specifically how fire-reload-fire. Here is the key part: Re-reload-fire does not happen on the character’s turn in the Initiative order, instead, it slides down three places on the Initiative order. For example, your character has Initiative 12. On their turn, they fire their musket. On Initiative 9, they reload their musket. en, on Initiative 6, they fire again. The same is true for a bow and arrow. Your character has Action 2, your total Initiative is 11. On your turn, as one Action you fire 1 arrow. On Initiative 8 you fire another arrow for your Action, and you are out of Actions for the rest of that Round.

  10. If you have 12 Ranks in a Language, other than your starting Language, you are considered Fluent.

  11. Spell and Arts costs have been fixed.

  • Alchemical Arts cost 5 for Base Rank and 3 to improve it by 1 Rank.

  • Arcane Spells cost 8 for Base Rank and 6 to improve it by 1 Rank.

  • Common Spells cost 4 for Base Rank and 2 to improve it by 1 Rank.

As mentioned the PDF has been updated and everyone who bought it or received it via a bundle should have the updated PDF by now.

Additionally due to the demand a hardcover version of the Rulebook is now up for sale on Rogue Games' Drivethrurpg Online Store.

How much will the hardcover version set you back? $49.99.

How much is the softcover version? Same as before $29.99.