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(March 14, 2018) | Batro’Games and Rogue Games, Inc partner to release a French Translation of Colon

A supernatural historical horror roleplaying game set during the dawn of the American Revolution, Colonial Gothic deals with a secret history taking place in the shadows. These events play a role in the history of the American colonies and the Revolution few know about. From the crowded streets of New York City to the deep country trails of Georgia, the shadows teem with enemies of conflicting agendas.

“Since the release of Colonial Gothic in 2007 one of my goals has been sharing this game with as wide an audience as possible,” said Richard Iorio president of Rogue Games. “Now one goal has been achieved and I am excited about working with Batro’Games and Deadcrows on a truly French version of Colonial Gothic.”

While the secret history of the American colonies is being slowly revealed, there is an equally secret history of New France waiting for your discovery. Now, thanks to Batro’Games, this history is now revealed.

“Given the warm reception of Colonial Gothic, the French version deserves a game line up to player's expectations. I'm glad to keep developing this game with Deadcrows' support!” said Batronoban, director of Batro'Games and author of many games such as Planète Hurlante and Mantra and who published the French version of Kingdom of Legends.

“We are delighted to welcome Colonial Gothic amongst our catalog. We'll keep up the excellent work with the same team in order to expand this striking setting. Long live Colonial Gothic!” added François Cedelle, director of Studio Deadcrows and author on Capharnaum, Venzia, Nightprowler.

About Rogue Games, Inc.

Rogue Games Inc ( is an award-winning publisher of Colonial Gothic and Shadow, Sword & Spell. Since 2007 they have kept one simple goal in mind: “Games so good they sneak up on you.” From supernatural historical horror to human-centric pulp fantasy, Rogue Games strives to bring new ideas and themes to everything they create.

About Batro’Games

Batro’Games ( is a French publisher known for their arty, weird and horrific games. Batro writes poetry, has two sweet cats and lives in a medieval city.

About Studio Deadcrows

Studio Deadcrows is a French publisher, an open team gathering together a wide range of artists, writers, and creatives. They began their venture with the AmnesYa 2K51 RPG in 2005, and have been developing the game line for the Capharnaum—Tales of the Dragon-Marked RPG since 2007 and for the Venzia RPG since 2013. They will release their translation of Sarah Newton's Mindjammer in April 2018. Find out more about Deadcrows at or follow them on Facebook at




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