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Not getting lost

With work on the Atlas in the home stretch (i.e. layout is underway) it is time to share information about what you will find in the book.

The original plan I had was writing about the book in some sense of order. By that I would write about the content, then move on to what is covered in each section, and then finishing with a few closing pieces. I thought the structured approach would be the best way to go.

Then I saw the following.

map of West Florida appearing in the Colonial Gothic Atlas

Man, I love this map. Strike that, all of the maps Gabriel Brouillard has done for the book.

Gabriel is a name many of you should be familiar with. He wrote Colonial Gothic: New France and Under Pashuvanam's Lush. His maps are found in Settings, The Gazetteer (soon to be replaced by the aforementioned Atlas) and the Shadow, Sword & Spell: Rulebook.

I love Gabriel's work, both as a writer and as a cartographer. I am pleased as hell that he came back to rework the existing maps and create the new maps Atlas needed. His work is outstanding.

So how many maps are in the book? A lot. Each of the original thirteen colonies have a map. East and West Florida have maps. Of course, the Caribbean is fully mapped. Finally, and it should not come as no surprise, New France is fully mapped as well.

Maps are important, especially for a product like the Atlas, and maps you will have.

Atlas is a big project and it is one that a lot of time and research was spent on it. Now that it i nearing the end of the line I am proud pf all of this time spent. Soon, the product of this time will be in your hands, and I cannot wait until you see it for yourself.



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