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A preview of the Colonial Gothic Atlas

"Why does it take so long for a Colonial Gothic book to come out?"

The answer is always the same: research.

No matter the book, research is required. As you can imagine the larger the book, the longer the research takes. The perfect example of this is Colonial Gothic's Atlas. This book has been in the works for two years. The reason for this is simple: I needed reserach time.

The research for The Atlas took close to a year and a half. Yet, the research never stopped, even while writing the book. The time this book took is well worth it.

I like this book.

Strike that. I love this book.

The Atlas a big book filled with historical facts and information devoted to the four major areas impacting the lead-up and eventual fighting of the American Revolution. Though both the Gazetteer and New France are included in the Atlas, they are joined by two new areas: the Caribbean and Florida (well East and West Florida).

These areas are yours to use. Everything you need inorder to have a solid understanding of these regions is found in the book. Though the book contains maps and historical details on the colonization and development of important areas, the book does not stop there.

Any book dealing with this region, and period, would fail if it did not include coverage of the Native People. A lot of time went into this portion of the book, and though it is not in anyway exhaustive, it provides a very important part of The Atlas. Consider it a preview of what the eventual book devoted to the ones who came before us will look like.

Oh, and before I am asked, there is game material specific to Colonial Gothic, but the amount is no more than 10% (it might be lower). The book is devoted to information and reference and new rules and the like would be out of place.

Wondering what the book looks like? Here you go.

The Atlas is in the home stretch. The little things left to do is the clean up of both the Table of Contents and Index, final typogrphy check, and all the pre-epress work. Once done it will be ready for your enjoyment.



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