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Ye Old Bookseller

Response to the Colonial Gothic Atlas has been humbling. When you take close to two years to research and write a book you become plagued by self-doubts. I am happy the work was worth it.

Now there is the wait for both proofs reach me.

Both books?


The general release of the book will be the standard 6x9 softcover. This will be the one you can purchase wherever books are sold.

There will also be a hardcover version of the book which will only be on sale at the Rogue Games Online Store via Drivethru RPG.

So how much will acopy of either print version cost you? Good question. Here is the answer.

  • Softcover: $49.99

  • Hardcover: $59.99

As soon as I get the proofs and approve them both versions will be ready for you to buy.



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