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In the Works, Part 1

A lot has been happening behind the scenes. With May quickly ending, I thought it would be a good idea to tell you what is going on. First up, I have finished the initial draft of a new book. This book will be out by year's end. I mentioned last time the book is titled Poor Wizard’s Almanack, 1775. My plans for this book is a simple one: make it a yearly release. The goal for the Poor Wizard's Almanack series is to present a collection of essays, rule tweaks, and new content for your Colonial Gothic games. The 1775 edition is all about magic, specifically hedge magic and witchcraft. Hedge magic is the unrefined magic not codified like Common and Arcane spells have. Instead, it is akin to the magic of ancient days, folk magic, or the magic shamans use in aiding their people. It is raw. It is primal. Despite what more skilled practitioners of magic believe, hedge magic is the roots of the magic being worked today. The second form of magic talked about is witchcraft. For those who have been with Colonial Gothic since the start, witchcraft has appeared in a few releases. Though good, I have never been happy with how I covered it. I took the time in writing 1775 to rethink my approach, and the end product is something I am finally happy with. Besides the above, there are other topics and other new magic styles. One is Black Magic. Another deals with Talismans. Another, still, deals with Blood Magic. If that is not enough for you also discussed are the use of True Names, books, and how Taint effects objects and places. In all the Almanack is a good way to end the year.



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