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The cleaning continues

Between freelance work, life, and the start of the weekly podcast (that was more time consuming then I thought) I have been working away on a lot of projects.

I am planning of launching a Patreon by the end of the year For me to do this I need things for you and potential supporters. After all, why do this if I cannot deliver?

So, where am I?

Good question. Here you go.

  • Into Darken Caves (Colonial Gothic adventure): Written and currently waiting for me to edit and revise. I need a break on this due to it really fighting me during the writing process.

  • The Tower of the Hand (SS&S adventure): Finished revision of the manuscript in longhand, now I need to fix the document and let it rest while I go back to Into Darken Caves.

  • Continental Army Departments (CG background piece): During the American Revolution the Continental Army was organized into various departments which were assigned to specific Colonial regions. Research is done, and the writing is underway.

  • Fairy Tale (new game): Noted out, some sections written longhand. Will have an alpha test ready for #Continuum2018 where I am a Guest of Honor. From there I’ll write the game. How? This is going to be a much different game using a different flavor of 12 degrees.

  • Ninja DJs from Pluto: Initial design phase. This is figuring out the math of card distribution, power level, and the effect each card has with an opponent’s deck. This will be a 2-player game, and I also have ideas how to have different card decks to the game. This is not my top priority at the moment.

  • Pirate: Game is in alpha stage and has been play tested. Now I need to create a beta version and have others try it. This is an ongoing project with no hard set deadline.

  • 12 Degrees Core: Final writing, clean up, and revision. The manuscript is 100% done, but I now need to polish it.


What? You want to know how I do all of this?

Remember what I wrote last week. I have a lot of projects written in my notebooks either finished or partially finished. I write all my drafts in longhand, and each notebook has one project. Some projects have been written with the idea of using them for one of the two games. Generally, I do not do this. The reason is due to them being too specific for the print projects. Thus, they languish unused in notebooks wanting to be free. Now they will be free.

For some reason, I am able to keep projects in order and work on them at the same time. Writing and design is my passion, and therapeutic. The projects keep my mind off the darkness. Writing, and design put me in a peaceful state. So I write.

And write.

And write.



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