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Midwinter Gaming Convention, January 10th - 13th 2019

Registration for next year's Midwinter Gaming Convention has opened, and Rogue Games (well I) will be there hosting few events. What events you ask? Glad you asked. I will be running my new game Fairyland which will be out August 2019. For the first time, I am publicly running the game and if you want a sneak peek sign up now. What events am I am hosting? Here you go.

The Curse of the Licorice Witch -- Event# 284

The Search for Red Hat’s Treasure -- Event# 285

The Wizard of the Silver -- Event# 286

The Sword of Roses -- Event# 287

The Curse of the Licorice Witch -- Event# 330

I Want To Go Home -- Event# 329 As to what Fairyland is about, it is what the name implies. It is a game of whimsy. It is also a departure from what I typically create. If you plan on attending here is your chance to visit Fairyland.



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